Former WNEP Reporter Arrested in Ohio

OHIO -- Former WNEP-TV reporter Jim Renick is back behind bars, charged with obstruction of justice after he was arrested at a boys swim meet in Ohio.

Parents called police after they saw the convicted sex offender taking pictures of the boys in a restricted area.

Investigators say he has been spotted at other swim meets in Ohio and found more than 500 pictures of children at Renick's home.

In the 90's, Renick served prison time for molesting boys in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.


  • Stanley Crawford

    There is no possible explanation, excuse, to condone such a deplorable excuse for a human. These individuals should be removed from society completely….placed them on a distant deserted island amoung themselves so no innocent young lives are destroyed by this sick deviant behavior there is no chance rehabilitation

    • navybluesweatpants

      NEPA has plenty of other problems in sexy time criminals roaming the streets for nothing but discreet pow-pow. Or those coaches and youth sports fans just waiting for everyone to look the other way. Fake Captains d.a.r.e. to keep kids off drugs but ask them to bed. Scary out there. Renick may be in ohio, but there’s sex roamers all over pa. Be careful god bless

  • navybluesweatpants

    You would think all of the photos people post of their kids on facebook would satisfy Reporter Renick but his pedo appetite must be insatiable. Nepa parents can probably get sweet deals on junior prom photos by Diddly Jim

  • lickerblisters

    I knew we’d see ol’ Jimmer again. Pedos can’t reform themselves. Proven fact. He sure does like his little boy swim meats. That’s what got him fired from Wnep years ago. Jim must have volunteered for all those swim meat assignments because nobody else covered them but him.

  • sweetcheeks4snugpants

    That Jim renick sure is horny even into his late 60s. Really good with cameras. When he worked for wnep he headed up coverage of all the boys swim meets. Guess a lot of coaches just looked the other way when he’d be snapping candids in the locker rooms.

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