Corporal Seth Kelly Comments on Released Dash Cam Video

NAZARETH, Pa. --  Dramatic dash cam video of a highway shootout on Route 33 near Nazareth involving two state troopers and a man who opened fire on the troopers was released Thursday.

Corporal Seth Kelly, a Wayne County native, who was severely injured during the incident is now commenting on the video's release by the Northampton County District Attorney's office.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, Corporal Kelly says,

"Myself and my wife have yet to watch the video but we felt it was important for it to be released to show transparency to the public."

Corporal Kelly gave the okay to the Northampton County District Attorney's office to release the video.

The two-minute clip shows Trooper Ryan Seiple and Corporal Seth Kelly wrestling with 22-year-old Daniel Clary after he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop last November.

Through a violent fight and tasing, Clary would still not obey to the trooper's commands to stop resisting.

One of the troopers even can be heard yelling that Clary was trying to reach for his gun.

Eventually, Clary is able to get away from the troopers. He's seen running to the driver's side of his car and grabs a gun.

After several shots are fired from both the troopers and Clary, Cpl. Kelly can be seen throwing himself over a guide rail as Clary gets into his car and drives off.

Back in June, a jury in Northampton County court found Clary guilty of attempted murder.

First Deputy District Attorney Terry Houck said the dash cam video was the key to winning the case.

"The video was critical, but the behavior of the police on that video is what was most critical. Had that video not been here, it would have been the word of one man against the word of the Pennsylvania State Police, and in this day and age, we know how stuff like that goes and that video confirmed everything that the police said and did," said Houck.

Less than a year after the shooting, a conviction and the release of this dash cam video, Cpl. Seth Kelly says he is trying to get back to normal.

"My recovery is going well. I`m still attending physical therapy and I have returned to work for two days a week on a limited duty status while I continue to build my strength back to where it was prior to this incident."

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  • Jeff Snyder

    And that is why police shoot quickly. They had multiple chances to shoot him and deescalate the situation. The stalled to many times and had many chances and almost paid with their lives.

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