Williamsport Movie Theatre Lowers Ticket Prices

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- It's a time-honored tradition, but for some, that trip to see the latest blockbuster on the big screen has become an expensive one.

"It was close to a hundred for the kids and, yea it was pretty expensive," said Valli Danley.

It used to cost up to 11 dollars to see a movie at AMC Classic Theatre in Williamsport.

Now before 4 p.m., a movie ticket costs about five dollars and after that, it's $6.99.

While prices dropped months ago workers tell us many moviegoers first noticed a few weeks ago after they put up a sign.

"I just came and it was $4.99. I came at the night time before and it was a little more expensive, so I thought if I came to a matinee it would be a little less expensive. I guess it's cheaper all the time, so yea we've been to the movies like maybe two times this week already,” said Noora Bell.

"I go to ten-dollar movies last year. I thought that was a pretty good deal," said Tim Alexander.

According to AMC, some of its theatres lowered prices to make the movie-going experience more accessible.

"It's definitely tougher now with platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu people are probably more inclined to wait and see if those big titles come to those platforms after they're released,” said Andrew Traxler.

"I love going to the movies, but I never really want to go because it's expensive so that makes me really excited," said Trevor Route.

Some moviegoers tell us the lowered ticket prices make it easier for them to spend a little more on the popcorn.

"We bought fruit snacks, skittles, four soft drinks, and two popcorns,"

Valli Danley brought her grandkids to the movies.

"It makes it affordable to bring the kids," said Danley.

AMC Classic in Bloomsburg has also lowered its prices

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