Neighborhood in Sullivan County Cut Off by Bridge Washout

FORKS TOWNSHIP, Pa. --  Flash flooding Tuesday night left eight people stranded in their neighborhood in Sullivan County.

About a dozen homes were damaged by flash flooding.

High above Lick Creek strapped in on top of a ladder truck, 81-year-old Saundra Weber held her dog, Crocker, close to her chest.

Less than an hour before, Weber says she was making tea for her husband when she heard the creek near her home start to roar.

"I opened the back door and I could see the creek licking the waters up high, so I yelled for my husband to come and look and then this big wall of water came. It picked up the concrete bridge and put it on its side," Weber recalled.

Flash flooding destroyed a private bridge, the only way in and out of her neighborhood near Dushore.

Without the bridge, eight people, including Weber, were stranded.

"I hurried up and called our neighbors, the last people down Ben and Janet Olena, and told them to get out. They thought it was a joke. I said, 'Ben, just get out,'" Weber said.

Emergency responders and water rescue teams helped most of the residents cross the creek.

Two people chose to stay back.

In hopes of getting some help, one woman wrapped a note around a rock and threw it across the creek to Red Cross volunteers.

Sullivan County commissioners stopped by to see the damage for themselves.

In all, they tell us about a dozen homes were damaged.

Volunteers helped pump about four feet of water out of one basement.

The deck behind Sandy Silvestri's home was pulled from its foundation.

"Just to see this, but the rescue was unbelievable, unbelievable. They did a good job," Silvestri.

Because it's a private bridge, Weber is not sure how they're going to rebuild the bridge and they are looking for help.

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