More Flooding Hits the New Albany Area

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TERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Tammie Watkins and her mom spent the day cleaning mud out from the basement of their house near New Albany. They had at least five feet of water in there.

"Something someplace got plugged up and all the water couldn't stay in the ditches. We had a river running into our basement," Watkins said.

According to Bradford County Emergency Management, last night's rain dropped more than three inches here. In fact, the New Albany area has been dealing with flash flooding since last week.

"It's been the worst we've ever seen," Watkins said.

"It was insane, actually. The water came on so quickly. We had six inches of water outside our house," Ray Hallett said.

Ray Hallett and his daughter are looking for a new place to live after the recent flash flooding.

"It just broke my heart to see it. It just came so fast and there's nothing you can do. Hope and pray you can get stuff covered up so it doesn't get into your house but we didn't get that in time," Hallett said.

People tell Newswatch 16 they're really concerned because there is even more rain in the forecast.

"The ditches are still plugged up, so the only place for it to go is running right back into the same spot," Watkins said.

"The stress of seeing the dark clouds in the sky," Hallett said.

Despite the forecast, people here hope for an end to the wet weather soon.

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