Watching the Weather at the Carbon County Fair

LOWER TOWAMENSING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- County fairs in our region have not had the best of luck in terms of favorable weather this year.

In the heat of the day, Dawson Keiser sprays his pigs with water to cool them down at the start of the Carbon County Fair.

"The fans are to keep the animals cool and relaxed, you don't want to get them like really over-worked up, and then we also have water so they can drink the water regularly," Keiser said.

The forecast for this week's fair in Lower Towamensing Township includes hot temperatures and the chance for thunderstorms.

"If it rains, sometimes the rain will blow in here and it'll get all muddy. The pig show is tomorrow so if they get muddy after you wash them, then that's not really good," Keiser said.

Fair president Bob Silliman says the fair is prepared to protect attendees looking for entertainment.

"We're looking forward to a good week. We have a lot of cover. We put together a new entertainment area. We actually have the spectators and the entertainment under a 120-foot tent, so there's plenty of dry seating," Silliman said.

Food vendors setting up at the Carbon County Fair are well aware of the effects of weather on their business, but they remain hopeful.

"If it's hot, the people don't come out. They stay home in the air conditioning. When it rains, people don't come out," said vendor Peanut Greenzweig. "It is what it is, you take what you can get and that's it."

Peanut Greenzweig says his family has been in the fair business for 85 years and dealing with Mother Nature is part of the job.

"We'll have a couple nice days, we got fireworks tonight here, so hopefully people will come out," Greenzweig said.

The fair continues in Carbon County through Saturday.

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