Teachers Excited for New School Year in New Building

LEHIGHTON, Pa. -- Four elementary schools are merging as they move into a new building in Carbon County.

Teachers are busy getting organized as they move into their new classrooms at the Lehighton Elementary Center.

The new school has some luxuries these teachers are not accustomed to.

"We now have air conditioning, which will help us as teachers as we're getting ready in the new school, but it will also really help our kindergarteners and all of our students," kindergarten teacher Kristine Betz said.

Administrators tell Newswatch 16 that while the school was in development, students made suggestions on what they would like to see in the new school, things like group learning areas.

"We'll be able to Skype to different places. We'll be able to have pen pals with other children in other districts. We'll be able to provide instruction for more than one classroom at a time so we're really excited about some of the new physical features of the building as well," principal Aaron Sebelin said.

In addition to the air conditioning and the large group instruction areas, another new feature in the elementary center are the sinks outside the bathrooms.

"Bathroom breaks are the worst, they're one of the things as a teacher that you really hate because it's so unstructured and you can't be right on top of them, so there's always an issue in the bathroom constantly," said first grade teacher Rhonda Zerbe. "Hopefully, this will take care of it, I'm curious to see."

Zerbe has been teaching in the district for 24 years. She says she is also excited to share a building with six other first grade teachers.

"It'll be nice to be able to share materials, and equipment, and ideas. It's nice because they'll be close and not across town or in town and in another building."

Students will start school here on September 4.

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