Couple Sent to Prison for Deadly Hazleton Arson

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Two people who started a fire that led to a man's death in a rooming house in Hazleton have been sentenced to state prison.

Thomas McQueen and Alice Reimiller were charged with murder, arson, and other related charges.

They both pleaded guilty to third-degree murder last week. McQueen was sentenced to between eight and 16 years in prison. Reimiller was sentenced to between six to 12 years in prison.

The fire in March of 2017 ripped through a rooming house on East Mine Street.

Police say McQueen and Reimiller are responsible for the death of Gordon Wanser who died from breathing in too much smoke.

Investigators said McQueen lit a box and threw it at Reimiller, torching their room and eventually the entire building.


  • George Lamprinos

    Maybe the Hazleton police can lend the Williamsport police a hand. There are dozens of unsolved arsons in Williamsport. Looks like they might need help catching their arsonist(s).

    • lickerblisters

      I hear you George. Williamsport as a whole is a sad, sad town nowadays. I can remember the good ol’ days of WACC, chillin’ at the ‘The Factory’ with friends and bowling and brews at Faxon Lanes. I wouldn’t venture off 220 into that city for a million dollars today!

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