‘Trump Townships’ May Matter in Barletta/Casey Race

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GALLAGHER TOWNSHIP, PA. -- There are 58 "Trump townships" in rural areas of the electoral landscape in northeastern and central Pennsylvania where at least 80 percent of voters chose Trump in 2016.

We went to one community where the vote for Trump was almost unanimous, to see how popular he is a year and a half into his presidency.

Gallagher Township is in Clinton County but during the last presidential election, 88 percent of township voters, like Harvey Palmatary, chose the winner.

"Trump!" he said.

"I'm telling you everyone I know voted for him," added Scott Weik, who runs a campground in the township.

Weik has no regrets voting for Donald Trump.

His RV campground is now full every weekend. He credits the president's tax cuts for a better economy.

"I give him a 10 out of 10, because he's trying to uphold his campaign promises, and he's really trying to change things."

Harvey Palmatary sold his excavating business to retire here 10 years ago. He believes the news surrounding the president is biased and his support for Trump is strengthened by coverage of a special prosecutor's investigation.

"I think it's a waste of money and a waste of time. He only wants to put people in jail over nothing."

Adam Parks manages a general store and is one of the few Democrats in the township. He says Trump remains popular but believes that popularity is slipping.

"His economic policy was the one thing I was hoping for. He gave a little bit of a tax break, but it doesn't affect guys like me," Parks said.

Most people here disagree. They say the only divide is whether they live in the Caldwell or the Haneyville section of Gallagher Township.

There's almost no divide on support for the president and many will tune in to watch coverage of the rally in Wilkes-Barre Township.

"I've got Fox News on from the time I get up until the time I go to bed," Palmatary said.

Rep. Lou Barletta hopes coverage from this rally energizes these Trump townships.

Individually, they have few voters, but there are about 200 of them across the state.

Barletta hopes voters in Trump townships turn out with the 80 percent plus support they gave Donald Trump in 2016.


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