Mechanic Looking to Give Back to Less Fortunate

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STROUDSBURG, Pa.  -- Walter Zink and his wife Deborah have been running Walt's Auto and Electric on North Ninth Street in Stroudsburg for more than a year now. They offer everything from oil changes to inspections, but now, they are hoping to offer another service, one that will help those less fortunate.

"We are offering our shop space and tech support and tooling to those cars that are being donated to the community for the folks that are needy and don't have a vehicle or a mechanic to make those repairs," said Walter Zink, Walt's Auto and Electric.

Zink says with so many mechanics in the area, he wanted to do something that would make his business stand out.

"I figured what better way to dig into the community than to give a little back," said Zink.

Now before you bring your vehicle to Walt's, there are a few things you should know. First and most importantly, you must be able to show proof that your vehicle was donated to you. Also, while the labor, space, and tools are free, you do have to pay for the parts.

Deborah Cammerman says vehicles that were donated to someone through a charity often need to be worked on.

Those who might benefit from this service can even buy their own parts and bring them in.

"So they can come in with their parts and they can repair their own vehicle with the guidance of Walt," said Deborah Cammerman, Walt's Auto and Electric.

Use of garage space and tools is by appointment only.

To contact Walt's Auto and Electric, click here.

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