Man Charged with Posing as Firefighter, Soliciting Donations

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — A man is facing charges in Columbia County for posing as a firefighter and going door to door collecting money.

Bloomsburg police say Travis Fenstermacher, 20, of Bloomsburg, was going to homes, telling residents he was a firefighter and collecting donations for firefighters to receive medical training.

Bloomsburg’s fire chief says Fenstermacher is not a member of the department and not authorized to do fundraising.


  • jimbrony

    There’s also some that pose as firefighters and DO belong to the fire departments. Look for more lights on their personal vehicles than the fire trucks, multiple pagers hanging off their belts, a ring of keys that weigh ten pounds, and at least one tacky tattoo.

    • skookamania

      tax money well spent in nepa. good services here lol . most American rural areas have professional firefighters at the county level not wannabes. but yet my taxes keep going up!

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