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Man Allegedly Gives Money, Takes Pictures of Young Boys in the Poconos

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Flyers are being spread around one community in the Poconos after a resident says his young grandson was approached by a man who took his picture, gave him money, and drove off.

That boy says he was mowing a neighbor's lawn when he was approached by a man in a white SUV. The man allegedly gave the boy and a friend $100 and NASCAR tickets, and then he took their picture.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon, and the boy's grandfather, Larry Loschiavo, says the red flags went up when he heard his 9-year-old grandson was walking around with $100.

When his grandson told him how he got the money, he immediately called the police and filed a report. He also took matters into his own hands and started handing out flyers to neighbors alerting them to what happened.

"It's scary," Loschiavo said. "I mean, you hear about it, but when it happens in your own backyard, especially to your own son, my grandson, it freaks you out."

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Lt. Steven Williams says they are actively looking into the incident.

"This is more of just an awareness to the community. We are asking them to please don't be alarmed and if you find anything else out, anything suspicious in your community, to please don't hesitate and call 911," Lt. Williams said.

Some residents we spoke to with young kids say the flyer is a great help."

The flyers say when and where the incident happened, what the boys were given, and shows a picture of a white SUV that matches the one the boys saw.

Jennifer Robertson says with two young kids at home, it's good to see the community working together when something suspicious happens.

"I mean our kids are 8 and 10 and we do let them get around the neighborhood. I mean that's what kids should be doing at this age, but it was good to get a little forewarning," Robertson said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Pocono Mountain Regional Police.

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