The Yard of Ale Launches ‘The Last Straw’ Campaign

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- There's something missing from drinking glasses at The Yard of Ale on Main Street in downtown Stroudsburg -- straws.

One group took notice of the missing drink accessory as soon as water was brought to the table.

"I did notice, and I honestly didn't care, and once I realized what it was for, I was just happy," said Skylar Morales of Pen Argyl.

Restaurant owner Barry Lynch says he overheard his employees talking about a new movement that aims to get rid of plastic straws because of pollution. Lynch did some research and was surprised by the damage a plastic straw can cause.

"Some of them showed me pictures with turtles and straws stuck in their nasal cavities and everywhere else, and I'm thinking, 'What a cruel death.' So working with the staff and talking with them and asking them what they would like me to do, we came up with this 'Last Straw' campaign," said Barry Lynch, The Yard of Ale owner.

If you really want a plastic straw, they are being given out but only upon request and will be kept behind the bar. And remember those plastic cocktail stirrers that used to come in your drink? Those are gone, too, and have been replaced with wooden stirrers.

"That's awesome. I really wish that New Jersey would take that initiative, too," said Isabel Jackson, New Jersey.

"This is a huge issue and it's really being undermined and ignored and we just, we need more places to do this," said Morales.

The restaurant also replaced plastic salad dressing containers, take-out containers, and plastic bags with biodegradable ones.


  • jimbrony

    Yet another idiotic attempt of the liberal left loonies to ‘save the planet’. Instead of banning straws like the left coast did, why not ask the question ‘how and why do they wind up in the ocean?’ If things are recycled properly they won’t end up there. Just another feel good thing that does nothing. Ban guns, ban straws – both inanimate objects that in the wrong hands are no good. Handled properly, useful tools.

  • George Lamprinos

    Everyone throws cigarette butts on the ground. I see plastic bags floating through the air like clouds. There are plastic bottles and aluminum cans lining the sides of the highways. Some of those plastic bottles contain human waste. Truck tire carcasses litter the sides of the road. Everyone has their private toxic waste incinerator (burning barrel) in their backyards. I see no outrage over anything I mentioned above. Yet everyone is outraged over soda straws. Come on. Let’s at least stop throwing cigarette butts on the ground before we go after soda straws.

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