Road Reopens After Rig Wreck

TEXAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Part of a busy road in Wayne County was closed for hours Monday morning after a tractor-trailer wrecked.

Tow crews spent hours pulling the truck out of the embankment off Route 6 in Texas Township, near Honesdale.

The crash happened around 6 a.m. The driver wasn't hurt.

Drivers on Route 6 had to take a lengthy detour. The road finally reopened before noon.

There is no word what caused the wreck.


      • jimbrony

        SUV drivers are big rig drivers in training. She was practicing for the day she signs on to hit the open road. Or PennDOT truck. Or bank along the side of a straight road. Or family on vacation.

  • jimbrony

    Wow, lucky guy. Those straight, level stretches of road on a dry sunny day sure can challenge the best of them. Hope the driver is OK and lives to crash another day. Right, Mossy Peter?

    • peatermoss

      Being that you are really the Stunad of NEPA, you obviously never drove that road except to be a passenger in a cage on your way to the Wayne County fair.
      But as usual, at least he wasn’t going the wrong way while on his cell phone.

      • jimbrony

        Yeah, that Route 6 can be tricky. Especially that straight stretch where your good buddy decided to drive his rig off. He might have been on his cell phone by the looks of it. Breaker breaker!!

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