Search for McAdoo Fugitive Shawn Christy Cancels Race

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The reward for information leading to the capture of Shawn Christy has doubled to $10,000.

Christy has been on the run since June after authorities say he made online threats to kill President Trump. The search for Christy remains centered in the Hazleton area.

Authorities describe Christy as armed, dangerous, hungry, tired, and desperate. There's also evidence he's been in the southern Luzerne County community of Drums, and because of that, a local racetrack owner canceled a big event scheduled for Friday night.

Evergreen Raceway in Drums expected 500 cheering fans, and the roar of racecars for one of its mid-summer stock car races but the threat posed by Shawn Christy prompted the track's owner to postpone the event.

"God forbid for anything to happen with it being so wooded around there. It's just something we didn't want to take a chance on," Ted Grove said.

The track sits about a mile from the home in Drums where police say Christy broke into Sunday night. It was a relative's home.

According to authorities, Christy stole three semi-automatic weapons and may still be in the area.

Thursday night, a woman walking her dog near the Roadhouse Restaurant in Butler Township claims she saw a man who looked like Shawn Christy crossing a nearby street. She ran in the restaurant, called police, which led to a late-night search.

Christy remains on the run and that worries residents.

"Very close, it definitely hits home, it's very scary for all of us," Grove said.

Grove says local race fans may be disappointed the green flag won't drop for Friday night's big race.

But with police, state troopers, and U.S. Marshals searching the area, Grove says the track had to make the call to play it safe.

"I know they were at the track for a long time yesterday looking through the woods, so I hope that they catch them, and I pray they make it out OK," Grove said.

Evergreen Raceway rescheduled its big race for next Friday and organizers hope Shawn Christy will be captured by then.


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