ARCA Driver Natalie Decker

Standing at 5 feet tall with long blonde hair and perfectly manicured nails...21 year old Natalie Decker may not look like your typical race car driver.
But one glance at her behind the wheel of her number 25 Toyota and it's easy to see this self proclaimed girly girl, can out race the big boys!

"It's definitely different, said Natalie, but i'm used to it. I've been doing it since i was 9 and there's always been a few females and I'm kind of used to it now."

Natalie's parents own and operate a snowmobile race track in Wisconsin. growing up around snowmobile racing gave Natalie the itch to try racing cars.

"My dad has raced all his life, mused Decker, so i knew a little bit about it and then once i got a little older to understand it i kept asking my dad for a go kart cause i wanted to get involved in it."

Natalie first started racing at age 9, she was racing go karts, now she's in her first full season of racing in the ARCA series, but she hopes this is not her final stop.

"My ultimate goal ever since I wanted a go kart was to race NASCAR, chirped Natalie, and I'm gonna work as hard as i can especially for all the young girls out there, just to show them that it's possible."

Natalie enters this weekends race at Pocono sitting 7th in the standings, while she has several top 5 and top 10 finishes, she's still seeking her first win of the season.

"What will it take for you and your team to get that first win?
"A lot, it's very hard work.  submitted Decker, all the guys in the ARCA series there's like, every single one of them could win the race so it's really hard competition and just being consistent and keep learning as much as I can. "
"A lot of people say like a bad day at the race track is still a good day and that's true!"

Natalie Decker finished 15th in the race shortened ARCA race at Pocono.

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