Knoebels Getting Ready to Reopen

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KNOEBELS AMUSEMENT RESORT -- Many people in our area are breathing sighs of relief as water levels in the streams and rivers are going down.

After being closed for three days this week, Knoebels Amusement Resort announced it will reopen on Friday.

Roaring Creek has gone down significantly and Knoebels is almost ready to reopen.

"Today was a much different scene than yesterday. The water levels have decreased," said Knoebels spokesperson Stacy Ososkie.

Earlier this week, Roaring Creek overflowed flooding parts of the park.

There were more than 200 employees cleaning, replacing stone, and doing whatever was needed.

"Everybody around is just jumping in and everything needs done and that's what everybody is doing," said worker Rob Brown.

Employees tell Newswatch 16 this is the most prepared they've ever been for a flood. Preparations started Monday.

"Because of that, we were able to avoid a lot of damage. Instead what we ended up with was a cleanup situation versus a lot of damage," said Ososkie.

Knoebels will reopen at least 90 percent of the park at 11 a.m. Friday.

Not everything will open right away. The Crystal Pool still needs a little bit of work.

"We have to drain the entire thing because of the mud that ended up in it during the flooding. Then we have to bring in a truck to pump out all of the mud, refill it, and then go through the treatment process, so that's going to take over a week," Ososkie explained.

Knoebels employees worked long hours to be able to reopen the park so soon after the flooding. Most don't mind.

"Your name doesn't have to be Knoebel to feel like this is your park," Brown said.

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