Drying Out, Cleaning Up in Snyder County

SELINSGROVE, Pa. -- Some roads remain closed in parts of Snyder County because of high water. Homes and businesses were damaged as well as a section of the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library in Selinsgrove.

"I took the elevator down and walked into squish. The carpet was just drenched," Lubow Frey said.

The damage is in the children's and young adult section of the library. Even though the floor was soaked and bookshelves were damaged, no books were destroyed.

"This is what we need to do. Clear everything out, put up signs that it's inaccessible," Frey said.

Frey, the children's program coordinator, says the carpeting needs to be replaced so the bottom level of the library is closed until further notice. The Selinsgrove Borough Building is in the same building as the library. The community room also had some water damage.

"We had to remove about the lower 16 inches of drywall that was in contact with the floor as well as the insulation behind it," said borough manager Paul Williams.

While some people in Selinsgrove have water damage in their own homes, they were able to bring their kids to the rec building.

"Families are going to be needing a place to go today especially so they can clean out their houses," said director Kelly Feiler.

The Regional Engagement Center in Selinsgrove has a youth summer camp. The building on 8th Street also had water damage.

"We had about a good inch of standing water down here, about five shop vac loads of water sucked out. We just had this new kitchen tile put in literally last Monday," Feiler said.

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