A Tweet to Taylor Leads to National Spotlight for Scranton Woman Battling Brain Cancer

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A young woman's quest to meet Taylor Swift turned into an opportunity to raise awareness for the type of brain cancer she's fighting.

The woman from Scranton had a seat on the panel on ABC's The View this week.

A year ago, Lexi Caviston of Scranton was a typical 21-year-old. A nursing student with an admitted obsession with Taylor Swift.

The past few months have been a roller coaster. She beat a brain tumor, met her idol, and was given a national platform to raise awareness for her disease - Glioblastoma.

Caviston was on The View on Tuesday after a tweet intended for Taylor Swift caught the attention of view co-host Meghan McCain. McCain's father, US Senator John McCain is battling the same type of brain cancer.

"It has been overwhelming, but also amazing at the same time. As I talked about on the show on Tuesday with Meghan, Glioblastoma is a very aggressive form of brain cancer, the survival rates are less than two years right now," Caviston told Newswatch 16 on Thursday.

Caviston hopes more attention to Glioblastoma could bring more funding for research.

She's undergoing a new treatment now that's meant to keep the cancer cells from growing back. So far, so good.

But, the best news recently is that, with Meghan McCain's help, Caviston got to meet Taylor Swift in Philadelphia earlier this month.

"She said she was so happy and so proud of me that I was doing so well, and despite everything that was going on in my life I took time out of my day to go see her," Caviston said.

Caviston never expected the platform she'd be given to raise awareness for Glioblastoma. But, she's already proven she can handle the unexpected.

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