Thief Suspected in State Park Car Break-Ins Nabbed

FOSTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into vehicles parked at Lehigh Gorge State Park in Luzerne County.

Officers say Timothy Jones, 28, stole credit cards, phones, a gun, and other items from cars parked at the White Haven access road to the park in May.

One of the stolen cards was used at Walmart near Hazleton.

Police say they identified Jones from surveillance video at the store.

Officers are also looking for an accomplice in the thefts in Luzerne County.


  • straubdavid9

    There needs to be more serious consequences for vermin like this. I hope you catch the accomplice as well. Waterboard the jackwipe if you have to, in order to get the name you need ….. tired of pussyfooting around. Bleeding hearts need not reply ~8^)

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