Larksville Death Ruled Homicide, Person of Interest Named

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LARKSVILLE, Pa. -- State police now call a death in Luzerne County homicide and are looking for a person of interest.

Autopsy results show William Denman, 64, was shot twice in the head with a small-caliber weapon.

Denman's body was found Tuesday in his home on Washington Avenue in Larksville.

Investigators are looking for Ulysses Denman, 20, of Larksville. State police said he is the son of the victim.

Neighbors said everyone is feeling the loss because William Denman would hand out vegetables from his garden to people on the block.

“He'd give produce to everybody, and he was a really nice guy, and I think it's pretty crazy that bad things happen to such good people,” Dominic Bukuski said.

One neighbor said William’s death comes as a shock.

“To think someone would do this to him, I don't have words to say,” she said.

However, people said they had a sinking feeling something was off with Ulysses Denman.

“Just the way he walks. He didn't look at anybody. He always had his head down,” Bukuski said.

While state police continue their homicide investigation, neighbors say they're on high alert, making sure their doors are locked, and they're looking out for one another.

"I'm usually always outside or sitting inside. I'm always keeping watch. I'm like the guard dog of the house,” Bukuski said.

As police continue their search, neighbors are hoping for justice.

“He didn't deserve this. Nobody deserves to die, but he didn't deserve this.”

If you have any information about where Ulysses Denman might be, you’re asked to call state police in Wyoming at 570-697-2000.

Police aren’t calling him a suspect in the homicide, just a person of interest at this point.


  • Julie Songaila

    I knew Ulysses since he was a little boy. He was a sweetheart. He had a very very hard life and was always treated poorly. And that’s an understatement. Instead of cracking jokes or making assanine comments stop and think. First of all…this kid has not been found guilty of this crime. And second..for a child or anyone for that matter to shoot someone in the head 2 has got to have the base logic to ask what THEY did that this was their fate. I’m telling you that if this boy did in fact shot his own father then it explains a lot about how broken he was as a little boy. Ulysses was one of the most gentle tender hearted little guys you’d ever meet. But he was also in soo much pain that an idiot would be able to see it. My heart aches for this kid. I haven’t seen him in years and have often wondered how he was. One thing i can say without a doubt is that this great guy that was shot was an abusive piece Please stop and think before making mean comments. This is a person that deserves at the very least your compassion. He’s been ridiculed his entire life by others that couldn’t take the time to ask how he was or wish him a good day but had the

    • Julie Songaila

      time to hurt him deeper.
      I hit the dang “post” button on accident before i finished.

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