Truck Hauling Berries Catches Fire, Slows Traffic

The truck hauling berries caught fire Tuesday morning.

HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A truck fire tied up highway traffic Tuesday morning in Columbia County.

It happened around 10 a.m. on Interstate 80 eastbound near the Buckhorn exit (232).

The rig hauling berries caught fire and blocked traffic for about an hour.

There is no word what caused the truck fire.

All lanes of I-80 an open again.


  • peatermoss

    Oh Where, Oh Where are the Dynamic Duo of
    Blister Licker and the
    Stunad on commenting,
    BTW 16 dropped the ball on Saturday’s roll over on the 81 S ramp onto I 80, trucker played pinball with the barrier.

    • lickerblisters

      Hi PEAT, I’m here now. Just getting home from the fire station. I was down on I 80 this morning extinguishing a semi truck fire. It was hauling berries. Worked out good for the wife. She’s making about 20 pies right now. So what’s up bud?

      • lickerblisters

        As I’ve said many times before…….”I’d rather roll around naked in a bathtub filled with shards of glass and razorblades while violently sodomizing myself with a weedwacker than I would to live in Lackawanna county.” Lackawanna county is the reason space aliens refuse to visit us anymore.

      • peatermoss

        You must be a Forest Gump type guy, that just happens to be there at the most opportune moment.
        Again Liar Liar
        In a previous post you mentioned that you live near the accident, and it was indeed well inside of Lackawanna County

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