Mega Millions Lottery Has Mega Jackpot

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MONROE COUNTY, Pa. -- More than half a billion dollars is up for grabs in Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing and lots of people are hoping to have the winning ticket in their hands.

The estimated jackpot is more than $520 million, one of the largest jackpots in the history of the Mega Millions lottery game.

With that kind of change up for grabs, workers at gas stations and other shops throughout the Poconos have been busy printing out tickets all day long.

Ken Brown from Reeders hopes he has a good combination of numbers in his hand.

"I'd be happy with half of it, just half, not being greedy for the whole thing, nope just half I can pay some bills."

The grand prize of $522 million is the fifth largest ever for the game.

"I am going to go for it. We usually pull a bunch of our tips and play the Mega Millions that way, too," said Lisa Malfa.

Workers at Country Gas and Convenience near Tannersville say they have been busy selling lots of Mega Millions tickets and the reason is that they are known to sell some winners.

"Since 4:30 in the morning they have been coming to play the tickets and are hopeful they are going to win. This is the lucky store in the whole Poconos so people from far away come here to play the tickets," Sue Sharma said.

Lisa Malfa from Effort says she too works at a gas station and has sold a winning ticket before. This time around, she hopes she bought the winning ticket.

"I'd pay off a lot of my bills, give money to my family, quit my job," she laughed.

"It's great, you know, even a few extra dollars would help anyone," Vincent Bardsley said.

"I'd buy a new house, travel, take care of the kids and grandkids," Brown added.

The Mega Millions drawing will air Tuesday night on WNEP before Newswatch 16 at 11.

Watch the live drawing of the Pennsylvania Lottery nightly on WNEP-TV.

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