Little Shamokin Creek Floods Augustaville

ROCKEFELLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Little Shamokin Creek is not so little this week. Recent rainfall has it swollen and muddy, running high and fast and out of its banks in sports, flooding farm fields and running high and fast.

"Seems like we keep digging out trenches a little bit here and there, just to keep it out of the basement. It seems like the ground keeps pushing it up through,” said Tom Bradigan of Upper Augusta Township.

In the village of Augustaville, people tell Newswatch 16 they have not been sleeping well lately.

"I woke up, and my backyard was a lake, a complete lake. I didn't recognize it, and it's gone down about--well, now I can see all my grass. I don't know how far down it's gone, but it was an entire lake. I could have swum in it,” said one resident.

People also tell Newswatch 16 they know when it is time to head to higher ground.

"We're at the point where we don't like jump the gun," said Jeff Heim of Augustaville.

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