Vice President Pence Coming to PA to Campaign for Lou Barletta

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to come to Philadelphia on Monday to campaign for Republican Senate Candidate Lou Barletta.

The vice president is no stranger to the campaign trail as we head toward the midterm election.

He was in Georgia and Tennessee over the weekend to look for votes for Republican candidates.

In Tennessee, at a rally pushing the president's tax cut plans, Pence said the Trump administration is off to a good start.

"It's been a year-and-a-half of action, a year-and-a-half of results, it's been a year-and-a-half of promises made and promises kept," explained Pence.

There are two stops on the vice president's schedule in Philadelphia on Monday. A

There is a rally pushing tax cuts at 1:45 p.m. and the fundraiser for Barletta is at 5 p.m. Protestors say they will be at both Pence appearances.

Reminder, there are only 106 days until the November general election.


    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      There’s no need. Philly is full of your kind of “patriots” – welfare deadbeats and illegal aliens.

    • jimbrony

      Care to back up your claim of that expenditure with facts, or are you just spitting venom like you usually do? What are you going to do with all your hatred once Trump-Pence are done in 2024?

      • J (@ds18301)

        $50,000/hour to operate, depreciation on 100,000,000 initial cost, secret service advance, secret service during, housing of secret service, team of aides, pilots etc cost to local taxpayers for overtime police etc. “Conservative” Pence feels absolutely free to pi$$ away your money, that could be used for hmm let’s say homeless veterans, like he did at the football game for his pre-planned stunt to walk out after anthem, just to prop up a hate-monger with big political ambitions. Disgusting.

  • Penn Deutsch

    If Lou Barletta (not a Pennsylvanian) was serious about immigration he’d have nothing to do with the Israeli 1st’er/Zionist/ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) war monger Mike Pence of Donald Drumpf. Who’s behind the mass immigration of 3rd World degenerates into all Western/White/European Nations? Google: “Rabbi Gutow on immigration”. Do you get it yet Goyim? Or are you seriously that stupid?

    • jimbrony

      So where was Lou born? Not that it has any relevance whatsoever, I’m just curious what your addled pea brain thinks.

      • Penn Deutsch

        If you are not a “Pennsylvania Son or Daughter of the American Revolution” you are not a true American and you sure as Hell are not a true Pennsylvanian because your ancestors never spilled their for it. For example, if I as a true NE-Pennsylvanian (a Lutheran Nation State/Commonwealth) and true American of Prussian/Bavarian/Swiss heritage were born in or moved to Greece would that make me Greek? Absolutely not. Think otherwise and congratulations, you are officially a low IQ possibly drug addled Zionist/Communist/Freemason/Sodomite with a parasitic mindset. Maybe it’s STD’s that are affecting your thought process? This explains all of the degeneracy from 3rd World, why they are here (thanks most recently to Zionist traitor Commie Tommie Wolf) and why the crime levels are so high & all of the pedophiles (mostly Catholic/Freemason/Jewish/Jesuit) in the PA Government who put agendas of foreign Nations above our own which is called “TREASON”. Once again, Google: “Rabbi Gutow on immigration” and click on videos. It’s not debatable anymore when it’s coming straight out of the mouths of the main Universal International parasite. Remember, 2+2=4.

      • Penn Deutsch

        P.S. Voting Democan, Republicrat is basically picking between left cheek or the right cheek on the same ass.

      • jimbrony

        Wow, thanks for that completely irrelevant and delusional rant. Off your meds again? Still didn’t answer my question – in what state was Lou born? A simple one or two word answer will suffice.

      • jimbrony

        OK – I can see PA Dutchy is having trouble finding the answer, so here’s a little hint: It starts with P and ends with A… See folks, PENN DEUTSCH is a direct result of state asylums being closed and their residents being forced into society. I abhor you all, write to your officials to secure more funding for mental institutions so people like PD have a safe place to stay. Like a rubber room.

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