Raining on Campers’ Parade

LACKAWANNA STATE PARK, Pa. -- Rain arrived just in time for the weekend, and now it's not going away.

Campers who have had vacations planned for quite some time won't let the rain get in the way.

It's been a rainy weekend so far for campers at Lackawanna State Park and there's even more rain coming this week. So out-of-towners are doing what they can to stay prepared and dry.

"I use a radar app, the only thing is, there's not great service out here so I wasn't able to look at it, but I was prepared beforehand," said Richard Bolha of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lackawanna State Park has designated emergency shelters in case of bad weather, so campers can take cover.

"Thankfully, we're in a cabin because it's been pretty wet. It's not raining now, so we're going to try to enjoy the pool. We're just enjoying the state park. It's a beautiful park," said Jesse Niemeier of Bethlehem.

Mary and Robert Moore live in Old Forge, New York. They got here to the campground last Wednesday, went to Peach Fest on Montage Mountain last weekend, and still have another few days left of their vacation.

"Between Wednesday night and midday Saturday, we had the most awesome weather. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful, sunny and low humidity."

But things changed by Saturday night. Mary and Robert Moore say they will find other things to do around the park or in the area they may even go try some pizza from Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

"We look forward to this vacation for a really long time. We've had this planned since February."

Campers say this kind of rain is tolerable though because it comes and goes.

"Tough it out," said Bill Marshall of Harleysville. "You go with what it is. Enjoy the time. It's my opportunity to be with my son for three days, along with my dog who entertained us as well."

And Sammy the dog doesn't mind the rain either.

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  • Fredric Underhill

    Hey everyone,

    The last 10 days in July is rainy season EVERY YEAR. You get wet.

    The second week in March is snow season. Got it??

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