Duryea Police Officer Accused of Coverup

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DURYEA, Pa. -- A Duryea police sergeant is in trouble with the law. He allegedly tried to cover up a crash his wife was involved in while she was on a suspended license.

According to court papers, Duryea Police Sgt. Michael Rosemeilia lied to officers in Old Forge and lied to his insurance company.

His wife denies all of it.

Michael Rosemeilia was sworn in as a sergeant with the Duryea Police Department in October. His wife Michele stood by his side.

Rosemeilia now faces charges of insurance fraud and official oppression.

Police in Old Forge say Rosemeilia tried to cover up a wreck his wife Michele was in back in May. Old Forge police say she was driving with a suspended license. She called her husband who was off duty to come to the scene.

In an exclusive interview with Newswatch 16, Michele Rosemeilia insisted there's more to the story than meets the eye.

"My husband is innocent. He is a good man, and he has a very good, very good record of being a very good police officer," Michele Rosemeilia said.

According to court papers, Rosemeilia showed up to the two-car crash on South Main Street in Old Forge minutes after it happened. He showed the other driver his Duryea police badge and told him he'd take care of it all.

"He did not show any police badge. My husband, anybody who knows him, knows him better than that," Michele Rosemeilia said.

Michele Rosemeilia says she was not driving on a suspended license. She says the charges are retaliation against her and her family because she reported inappropriate behavior at a senior living facility in Old Forge where she works.

"I thought I did my job as a professional by reporting what I didn't agree with, by reporting certain things that deal with patient care."

Duryea Police Sgt. Michael Rosemeilia has been suspended with pay.

Old Forge police say their investigation is continuing.


  • Matt Berns

    Why would she lie about a suspended license if its easily proven? Did old forge police confirm that the officer flashed his badge? Who’s after her for reporting an incident at the care home? Aren’t these obvious questions?

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    The nursing home made her drive without a license and caused an accident to retaliate ? So she multiplied the damage by destroying her husband’s career too ! Gotta love the above the law attitude , This man is a future lawyer !!!

  • whatever831

    Old Forge police should be investigated! I’ve seen first hand the way they handle things, on more than one occasion. Some of the officers in that area are so cocky and arrogant as well and act like because they have a badge that they can talk to people however they’d like. Just wait. What goes around comes around!

  • donamick

    So I don’t have to remind everyone of the 200 year old spin on this story do I? they want this guy out probably because he’s doing and honest sincere job and doesn’t fit in with the club because as we all know if it was any other police officer the Fraternal Order would back him up to The Bitter End. you never ever ever your stories like this and that’s the reason why

  • My dixie wrecked

    Conspiracy. Of course. There’s an accident planned by people at the nursing home just to pin it on her and her husband. Yep, makes sense..haaa

  • donny hud43987

    Whether he’s a good cop or not doesn’t matter!!! People in these positions abused their power!! It happens every day! Consequences need to be distributed equally to all people who commit crimes and break the law!!

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