Rain Doesn’t Keep People from Danville Heritage Festival

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People dealt with some rain at an annual summertime festival in Montour County.

Umbrellas were in hand at the Danville Heritage Festival at Hess Field in Mahoning Township on Saturday.

This is the 20th year of the festival that helps remind people of Danville's rich heritage, much of which was on display in the living history portion of the event.

"When people were here looking at my things, they didn't know what a blacksmith did. They didn't know what they made, but they were able to walk away understanding how difficult it was to manufacture this way," said Doug Firestone.

The Heritage Festival runs through Sunday.

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  • WNEPMonitor (@WnepM)

    Well,t his just isn’t true. Sadly the rain did keep people away. Killed the fireworks too, sadly. What kept more people away was how so much of the DANVILLE heritage festival wasn’t actually held in Danville, but in Hess field. Iron Heritage got this right by using downtown Danville as the scene of their main events. Where both Iron Heritage and Danville Heritage got it wrong is that there’s not enough for the young folks to do. They’re not interested in church hymns and mine tours. Danville IS a vibrant place, and these festivals almost seem to mourn that more than celebrate it.

    Now, you can get mad at what I just said and cry about it. Or you can consider your strategies for next year to see if you can grow this thing as it deserves in a way that actually takes place in the town it claims to celebrate and engages people who aren’t incredibly boring. Up to you. But if you odn’t want to end up running this thing on a shoe string budget like Iron Heritage did, to the extent that one simple tragedy was all it took to completely unravel the whole organization, you need to broaden your perspectives. This festival needs to be as much about Danville TODAY as it is about Danville YESTERDAY.

    Also, your website is atrocious. It’s entirely rooted in early 2000’s design strategy. There is no meaningful way for users to interact via comments or emails. No information about rain dates for fireworks and other festivities, or even if rain dates exist. No way for people who wish to celebrate Danville Heritage together to speak together online (a web forum or some type of live chat). Not good.

    Though I’ve been pretty harshly critical, I do wish you luck. I want this to succeed. I’ve always enjoyed this part of summer, a season I despise for the heat and humidity, thanks to the efforts of the festivals over the last near two decades. But it’s increasingly obvious that more progressive efforts need to be made to keep the heart of this thing beating.

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