Rig Rolls on Interstate 80 Off-Ramp in Columbia County

SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The driver of a tractor-trailer was not seriously hurt when his rig overturned Friday morning in Columbia County.

The wreck happened just before 7 a.m. on the Interstate 80 off-ramp to Berwick.

State police believe the load shifted, causing the trailer to overturn.

The off-ramp was closed while the truck was removed.


    • peatermoss

      Guess that trooper better go back to school, based on your theory,
      There would be tire marks all over that off ramp from his tires.
      Notice that the trailer is an overseas container, which was probably loaded in some country by a kid in a straw hat, wearing straw sandals that lives in a thatch hut.

      • jimbrony

        Maybe you should go back to school. From the PA CDL manual: Whether or not you load and secure the cargo yourself, you are responsible for:
        • Inspecting your cargo.
        • Recognizing overloads and poorly balanced weight.
        • Knowing your cargo is properly secured and does not obscure your view ahead or to the sides.
        Not all shipping containers come from foreign countries, but it doesn’t matter. The driver is ultimately responsible for his load and maintaining a safe speed.

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