Patrolman Rescues Child and Overdosing Man from Running Car

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POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- A police officer in Schuylkill County is being hailed as a hero. He rescued a man and his child from a car after the man allegedly overdosed inside right in the middle of the road.

The man and child are OK.

The officer had to break a window to get to that man and the child. They were at a busy intersection.

The officer says his main concern was the safety of the child.

Last month, Minersville Police Department Patrolman Harry Brown was filling up his police car at a gas station on West Market Street just outside of Pottsville when a woman ran up to him.

She said a man was passed out in his car in the intersection with his child inside.

"At this point, he was in the middle of an intersection. Cars are coming passing. The vehicle was running, it's getting hot. It was a hot summer day," Ptlm. Brown recalled.

Brown said the man had overdosed. He says the car was in neutral but no air conditioning was running.

"I could see that he was slumped over like this. He was drooling, lips started turning blue. At that point, I had to break out the driver's side window."

Ptlm. Brown say he's responded to calls like this one where a person has overdosed in a car, but he says he's never had one where a child was inside.

"It's occurring too much. Mainly, I'm glad the child is OK. That was my biggest concern, that the child was OK. Being a father, stuff like that, as long as the child was OK and the man did come to."

Minersville Police Chief Michael Combs is proud of Ptlm. Brown for his actions that day and says there are so many other first responders who should be thanked.

"It's most important for the public to know police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel do this kind of thing every day across this country and there just doesn't happen to be a camera there, so they don't get the recognition," Chief Combs said.

"I don't think I'm a hero," Brown said. "I think any man or woman who wears this uniform in the U.S. would do the same thing."

After Brown rescued the man and child, he turned the case over to the Pottsville Police Department.

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  • mickmars

    I’ll be that guy. Should’ve rescued the youngster and “accidentally” forgot about the steaming pile of cow chips that was od’ing in the drivers seat in a busy intersection. That Poor kid. You show you get a tattoo on your hand after they bring you back once with Naloxone. You get One strike. If you don’t catch on, see you on the other side.

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