Farm Fun at the Fair in Lycoming County

HUGHESVILLE, Pa. -- Lower ticket prices and free admission for kids seem to be paying off for the Lycoming County Fair. Vendors tell Newswatch 16 they're noticing bigger crowds this year.

Bob Snyder kept himself busy peeling onions at the Lycoming County Fairground. With lower ticket prices and free admission for kids under 12, the co-owner of Hewlett's Hot Sausage is hopeful he'll have a lot of people to feed this weekend.

"This year is going to be the best we've had in the last six or seven," Snyder said.

"I'm a big fan of the food myself," said Josephine Benamati, 17, who is at the fair showing her two pigs.

"Johnny and June Cash, like the Cashs."

Benamati is a member of a 4-H Club.

"To just kind of show animals and also bring knowledge to the other people that are here about them and what they are made for and stuff like that," Benamati said.

"It's a lot of hard work," said Michelle Paulhamus. "The kids have to get up every morning and feed the animals and make sure they are clean and watered."

For dozens of kids from around the county, the Lycoming County Fair is a chance to show the best of the best from their farms.

"I like being able to come and watch all of your hard work pay off once you get your placings in the shows," said Cody Wagner.

"We have a family we know right now that are selling their cattle because it's just not profitable anymore, unfortunately. It is important to raise these kids up to appreciate what it takes to raise these animals. It's not just you go to the store and it's there," Paulhamus said.

"I love it. It's something I wouldn't mind doing forever," Benamati said.

Some of the animals will be auctioned off Friday night but most will still be here on Saturday for the last day of the fair.

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