Downtown Parade Kicks Off 20th Annual Danville Heritage Festival

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DANVILLE, Pa. -- In Montour County, an annual summertime festival is back in Danville Friday evening.

This is the 20th year for the Heritage Festival.

Float after float marched down East Market Street in downtown Danville, each one offered delightful decorations to awe the crowd.

“Oh, I love it and the music`s great, we love Knoebel's, Knoebel's is great, I love Knoebel's,” said one parade-goer as the float for Knoebel’s Amusement Park went by.

This parade was held to kick off the 20th annual Danville Heritage Festival where the borough takes time to reflect on its rich past while having a lot of fun.

“It's pretty cool, you know, you have to celebrate the heritage of whatever town you belong in and the history it has to it, makes for a good promotion for the town and the area,” said Brad Reynolds.

And it wasn't clear who was having more of a good time, the parade watchers or the parade walkers.

“Hi NEP! How are you! Good day for a parade!” shouted Tim Austin from Allentown from his float. “We’re all the way from Allentown, the Allentown Hobo Band.”

The Young Artists' Theatre Project of Danville used the parade to advertise its upcoming play.

“We`re hoping that a lot of people in the community will come out to see the show, so this is a great way to connect with the community and pass out our posters,” said Courtney Hugo.

Aside from the parade and some other attractions, all the events and vendors for the Heritage Festival can be found at Hess Field.

Already those vendors were setting up, preparing for the weekend's crowd.

“Shows everybody the history of Danville and for the newer generation that it’s nice to learn where you're from,” said Shawn Kroh who business, Pop Pop’s Bar-B-Q, has a stand there.

One popular event is the quoit tournament that`s similar to horseshoes.

Some players were already practicing for the competition.

Jim Keefer says this game is rooted in Danville`s history.

“Back in the day, down where the middle school is, is where the steel mill way and on their lunch breaks they'd go out a play quoits,” said Keefer.

The Heritage Festival runs through Sunday in Danville.

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