Police Patrol on Bikes in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- On summer days it's normal to see a few bicyclists in downtown Williamsport.

P.J. Williams often bikes from his home in Montoursville to his job as the brewer at the Bullfrog Brewery.

"We've got a lot of nice bike trails and stuff we spent a lot of money doing them might as well use them," said Williams.

Williams isn't the only one getting around Williamsport on two wheels.

This month police in the city began patrolling on bicycles.

"I think it's fantastic it gives them a little more opportunity to be in areas that maybe through congestion they can't normally get to," said Williams.

"You sneak up on people that don't really expect it. They're not looking for people on a bike. They are looking for us more so in cars so it makes it easier to see more drug-related issues," said Patrolman Damon Cole.

The bureau also hopes the move to two wheels helps officers get to know the people in their community better.

"It makes it easier where they can talk to us on the bikes."

Others tell Newswatch 16 they feel more comfortable seeing officers in their neighborhood in patrol cars.

"I feel like it's a nice gesture that they are making however as an African American woman I don't feel safe," said Ebaney Butler.

Newswatch 16 met Butler and her mom Devaney near their home on Cherry Street.

Instead of seeing officers on bicycles, the family would prefer to see police hold a community event in their neighborhood.

"I think not only would the kids want to come down but the parents would want to come down to see what's going on to introduce yourself and get to know the community that way," said Devaney Jaconski.




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