How to Get Free McDonald’s French Fries Every Friday for Rest of 2018

Do you like McDonald’s fries? Then don’t miss out on this deal.

The fast-food restaurant chain says they will be giving out free french fries for the rest of the year. You can get an order of medium fries for free every Friday until December 30, 2018.

There is one catch, however. You have to download the McDonald’s app to get the coupon, then make a purchase of at least one dollar during your visit to the golden arches.

For more information, see the McDonald’s website.


  • Fredric Underhill

    Deutsch is technically correct. But if global warming, taxes, inflation and government hacking hasn’t killed you, sharing medium fries with family and friends at McDonald’s once a week sure isn’t.

  • Penn Deutsch

    You’re better off chain smoking. If you eat this GMO crap and nothing but this GMO crap for 30 days you’ll die of organ failure I hear. I guess the only positive thing is that your corpse won’t have to be embalmed from all of the preservatives? Most already know this besides them self-propelled Walmartian stomach’s I’ve only ever heard about (never been to a Walmart) and it’s why McD’s is going down under & I’m not referencing Australia, I mean the s#!t pipe.

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