Scranton Co-Op Farmers Market Open for Season

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The Scranton Co-op Farmers Market on Barring Avenue opened for the season Wednesday.

Farmers wait all year for this day and so do the shoppers. There's eagerness on each side of the stand.

"I love the fresh food. I love the chance to get the organic stuff. I love to be able to support local farmers directly," said Richard Anderson of South Canaan Township.

The Scranton Co-op Farmer's Market is an institution. This is its 79th season, but you'll notice that the staff is getting younger and younger.

"I've been working here since I was four, just helping out, bagging bags, doing little stuff," said Kelsey Heller of Wapwallopen.

Heller is the ripe old age of 14 now. She and her 10-year-old brother Kayden Kratz help sell peaches for their family's orchard--at least until school starts.

"My grandpa's dream was always to have his kids help out on the farm, and my dad's just carrying on with that dream, and me and my brother, we love it," Heller added.

Some of the farms at the market are on their fourth generation. It's a tradition passed down by customers, too.

A tradition that ensures the farmer's market is here to stay.

"I like helping the people out. I like working with the people. I think it's fun. I just like helping," Kayden Kratz said.