Strong Reaction to Trump-Putin News Conference

HAZLETON, Pa. -- President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has received backlash from across party lines.

Some said it was too soon for the president to meet with Putin while others thought the summit would begin a healing process, fixing foreign relations with Russia.

While food and drinks were being served inside the 4th Street Pub in Hazleton, eyes were watching the news. A day after the summit in Finland, people were waiting for President Trump to speak about his meeting with Putin.

Some were surprised that the president went in the first place, this after 12 Russians were indicted in a federal investigation.

"I was kind of taken back a little bit. I was surprised that President Trump would speak to Mr. Putin so soon with this whole operation," said Joe Stavoy from Sugarloaf Township.

Others say it was about time for the president to speak with Putin.

"We need to get along with other countries. It is time. The world is changing. We need to start getting along just in general," said Daniel Tanner of Hazleton.

At the summit, standing next to Putin, the president appeared to question the United States intelligence about Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

After a harsh response from many lawmakers, the president offered his support for U.S. intelligence.

"He believes in our intelligence agency, but you don't want to start a war over another president saying they had nothing to do with the election," Stavoy said.

"Well, there is corruption everywhere. There is good and bad people in our government. Hopefully, there are more good than not so good," Tanner said.

Stavoy says President Trump has an unorthodox way of doing things and that Americans should give the president a chance.

"We are not used to having someone who is not a politician speak for us. He has a different way to go about what he is doing."

Both senators from Pennsylvania put out statements Monday saying the evidence does show Russia meddled in the 2016 election.


  • J (@ds18301)

    You know I can understand the angry wh|te trumpists loving their chance to follow to (responding to their great leader’s dog-whistle) to bark their sad r@cism — blaming everybody but yourselves for your lack of success in life. I can understand you wanting to drink poisoned water and breathe polluted air — who wouldn’t? I can understand not wanting affordable health care — we can always do bake sales. I can understand wanting to pay higher prices for gas and all imported goods (including food) we rely on (while driving American companies and farms into bankruptcy — all really great ideas!! But to be duped over this Russian thing is some pretty impressive brainwashing by Fox — well done Rupert! Allowing our greatest existential threat to control our president — to have essentially destroyed our fundamental democracy without firing a shot — that’s a bit much for anyone who has any interest in the future of this once great country.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      You really should become a professional idiot. You’re wasting your life as an amateur.

    • J (@ds18301)

      When 99% of people vote for something, of course you can be absolutely sure it was a fair and unaltered election. You couldn’t get 99% of a large group of people to agree the sky is blue. Even your beloved baby king trump has denounced this annexation. get informed, do some reading and turn off the Fox/Limbaugh/Jones noise machine.

  • My Foot

    Clearly, something is wrong. Trump is terrified of Putin or what Putin knows…….The Mueller investigation has resulted in 32 indictments!!! How is that a witch hunt ????

    • Wayne Edward Clifton-Miller

      Why Chris? Because ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, have polluted my mind so much that you cannot think for yourself? You have no idea how lame your comment is. You want scum? Let’s talk about Bill Clinton getting head in our nation’s capital while serving as president. Let’s talk about the last half white president we endured for eight years. He did nothing but create a huge separation between race and between people and the police. He sold us out in so many ways. Then there’s Mrs. Clinton, the wicked witch whose parent lived in Scranton, PA. Her day IS coming and it will be people like you that will be in total shock.

      • Chris Thorne

        I can’t think for myself? Trump is a piece of Sh!t, plain and simple. The man has business being in the oval office, let alone making an @ss of himself in front of other world leaders. He favors dictators like Putin and the little rocket man, flucks his snotty nose at world organizations assembled to help humanity, and has a hooker for a wife. I’d gladly take any Clinton or Obama over this scumbag. I’d be gappy with Bysh again over this turd. The man needs to be tried for treason, not defended by braindead idiots.

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