Hiking Trails Reopen in Parts of the Poconos

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There's plenty to do for summer campers at Pocono Environmental Education Center in Lehman Township, and now, that includes hiking.

Six of the center's hiking trails were destroyed back in March after the winter storm, but the area is on the mend.

"When we go hiking, we get to go to the ponds, and we do a lot of activities there, and we wouldn't be able to that stuff there and it would have been sad," said Chloe Manchester, Long Island, N.Y.

Sheri Bone is the group coordinator at the center near Bushkill. She says a private service was hired to come in and clear the trees from the trails to ensure paths would be clear for the summer season.

"They were able to come in and they worked very, very hard for about six weeks to get everything open and quickly," said Bone.

Two Ponds is the only trail that is still partially closed, but members at the center say they are actively working to get the trail rerouted so they can reopen it soon.

"We just kind of had to work on where the trail will be rerouted and what will it impact. Are there any species that are native that it might impact? So we just have to work with the park service and go through their compliance procedure and that is what we are doing," said Bone.

When Zack DeSarte isn't running summer camp, he's happy to be able to hike the trails.

"There's a lot of trails now that are completely different. They are missing portions of the canopy and stuff and I would like to have been able to see the before and after, but I only get the see the after, so it was interesting for me coming in this first year," said Zack DeSarte, PEEC Summer Camp.

Members at the center hope to have the last trail open before summer is over.

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