Music Fests on the Mountain

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- An electronic dance music festival in Lackawanna County featuring more than 50 acts drew in thousands over the weekend. Businesses and residents in Scranton and Moosic don't have long to prepare for the next event coming this weekend.

Camp Bisco wrapped up Sunday on Montage Mountain in Scranton, but that was just the beginning of a pretty busy next few weeks at the pavilion. It doesn't matter what kind of music is playing when you have an outdoor, multiple-day festival, people need to eat, so food vendors will come.

"It's long weekends when you work these shows. The festivals are 24 hours, three days long. It's nonstop. This show is four days so I'm still standing," mobile food vendor Lou Ruvo said.

But now, Ruvo says it's time to rest up. He is staying the week and will do it all over again for Peach Fest this weekend. Then the next week is Warped Tour, then after that is Slayer.

All of this is good news for businesses and hotels in the area.

"We sell out most weekends during the summer, basically, with just travelers. These were reservations that we've been holding for quite some time now. Event days are always a higher rate, so we did pretty well," said Comfort Suites general manager Dan Edwards.

Folks who live nearby say navigating traffic over the weekend was a little bit tricky, but resident passes issued the week before the concert definitely helped.

"They did a very good job letting people in and out. I didn't see any stray cars in my neighborhood, which was nice, so it was residents only in the area, so that was a positive," said Moosic resident Eric Bartels.

The resident passes were sent in the mail and are good for the rest of the summer and for the rest of the events happening on the mountain.

After I saw on Wednesday the way that they handled traffic and with these resident permits for the area, it put me at ease, so I thought nobody who shouldn't be in the area was here," Bartels said.

Peach Fest starts this Thursday on the Pavilion at Montage Mountain.


  • Tony Torquato

    Unfortunately these events do very little for the local businesses since most attending these “concerts” are irresponsible youngsters interested in alcohol and drugs. In fact, the local established businesses don’t want this type of business. The patrons are often high on drugs or alcohol and they “stink” from not having bathed in a few days. Other communities chased these events but for some reason Lackawanna County allows this to continue. These events are certainly not a good thing for our community by any means.

    • commentswithabrain

      Oh shut up you antique. You do realize they have music festivals in a ton of other cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Southern California, and New York City (you know, places where people actually enjoy living). As far as businesses not wanting these “types” of customers who are you to say that Tony? I’m pretty sure most local businesses would be happy for the influx of cash, and YES, these patrons do spend money.

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