Forest City Signs Making it Safer?

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FOREST CITY, Pa. -- In the sweltering July heat, drivers may notice a few new additions to Main Street in Forest City. They're bright and right smack dab in the middle of the street.

The signs warn drivers to keep an eye out for people crossing at crosswalks.

"It's a big safety issue," said Forest City Police Chief Jim Johnson. "We have an older population. We want them to be safe, and we want motorists to be safe."

Chief Johnson points out the borough didn't have much at all to drive home the message to yield to pedestrians. Now, the crosswalks are painted and police plan to cite drivers who don't stop for folks in the crosswalks -- a $141 fine.

"It really helps a lot because my people have limited mobility. (It's) hard to step up on sidewalks. It's really helped to put painting out and sidewalks," said Carrie Whitney, Forest City Senior Community Center.

These new crossing signs in Forest City are brand new this month. But because Main Street is so narrow, the signs are on either end of town and some don't think they're where they need to be to increase safety.

"Not to me, they're not. They almost hit me twice," said Barb Shouse. "Even though the signs are still up, they still go right through."

Shouse walks the downtown every day and hasn't seen much of an improvement, mainly because the signs aren't throughout town.

"If they see it ahead of time, then they'll know when they're coming up to it. They can stop," Shouse added.

"Because our streets are narrow, we don't have them at every intersection, but we have them at the beginning and end of town, so they see them coming in. They just have to be mindful to make sure you look," Chief Johnson said.

Forest City received the pedestrian safety signs free from the state. So far, there are five total in the borough.

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