Street Pianos Coming to Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- If you've been to the bus terminal in Williamsport recently, you may have noticed a piano there.

Members of a nonprofit are looking for artists to put their design on the city's first street piano.

Stephen Huyck is used to seeing people come and go at the Trade and Transit Centre in Williamsport. It may be why this city employee found it odd to see the new fixture at the bus terminal.

"I wasn't sure exactly what it was doing there at first. I thought somebody just left us a piano," Huyck said.

With help from Robert M. Sides Music Center, members of Lycoming Arts purposely left the piano there because they want people to play it.

"Anything from chopsticks to Chopin, you know, come and enjoy. There is no wrong way to do this. That's one of the best parts of the project," said Lycoming Arts executive director Meg Finn.

It's called a street piano. Finn says she first heard about the idea in Lancaster. Over the next few years, Lycoming Arts plans to put several colorful street pianos around the city.

Right now, Finn is asking artists to send the nonprofit designs they want each piano to be painted by a local artist.

"They are also pieces of public artwork when we are finished. They do a really great job of branding us as an art town which we really are," Finn said.

Corinne Amrom has already sent in her idea. She calls it a starry night in Williamsport.

"Wanted to be an art teacher, I've found myself doing other things and I always like to see the arts coming back into the community and being more accessible," Amrom said.

"When the arts work together with the commerce and city government, we can really do great things that are impactful to the community," Finn added.

Click here for more information on how to submit your suggestions.

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