Mic’ Up With County Coach George Howanitz 84th Annual Dream Game

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"Go!! there we go...ahhhhh...down...oh! Ilike this. This is Temple's drill," said George.

"Ok we are going to have receivers and quarterbacks down at that end doing some pat and go..then the lineman down at the other end going over some of the blocking schemes," added George.

"Boy you are styling..you have the hair all styling when you got here now you got the polo socks i mean this is unbelievable," again said George.

"Make sure my strong safety..make sure that you are eye balling that tight end because you don't want a play action and he goes swittttt...," again said George.

"This was grass here when you played? Yes this was grass here. This was grass with a lot of stuff that they used to use to soak up water when the water used to sit on it, actually it was mud when we played not a lot of grass by the end," added George.

"Defensively you have to play a 4-3..Ok we are basically playing a straight 4-3 man or a 4-3 man free..Ok you are going to use zero for the straight man and 1 for man free alright it's that simple," said George.

"It's amazing that you can get together with a bunch of kids from other teams and get together and play football and have fun and it's just a fun game overall," said Ryan.

"This is my third..one playing and one coaching prior to this game. We'll I think that it is great for relationships you get to play with guys that you've played against for the last three or four years so it's great to get to know the players. I have guys coming to me now that I played with in high-school in this dream game and it's still a big deal for them and I hope that we can do the same thing for our kids this year," again said George.

"C..O..U..N..T..Y....County...County..County," said the County team.

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