Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Charlie Wirth may have to make room of his refrigerator for a new picture.

This weekend the Williamsport native is celebrating his 100th birthday.

"It's remarkable to have a 100-year-old in the family. I don't think it's been done before," said Chuck Wirth, Charlie's son.

Born in 1918, Wirth who now lives in Loyalsock Township, met his wife Marion at college.

By his 20's World War II had begun.

"I was in the Navy. We were all over the South Pacific on a carrier," said Wirth.

Now in the triple digits, Wirth says he still stays active and rides his stationary bike when he can.

"Whenever I think of it, I'll go in the room, there's a bicycle," said Charlie.

"His blood pressure is better than mine so I wouldn't be surprised if he reached 110 at least," said Robert Helminiak, a family friend.

Helminiak also helps Charlie around the house.

"He's lived the American dream. Fantastic family, wonderful career, served his country and his family well and as I said, touched many lives along the way," said Helminiak.

And yet it seems Charlie sees his family as his biggest accomplishment.

"I have a good family and they are always doing so much for me that I can't ask for much more," said Charlie.

"Some people there are only just one of and Charlie is one of them," said Helminiak.

Charlie plans to celebrate his birthday with family this weekend at his favorite restaurant, The Country Cupboard, near Lewisburg.

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