Two Homes Damaged by Flames in Port Carbon

PORT CARBON, Pa. -- Flames damaged several homes in Schuylkill County Thursday afternoon.

The call came in just after 1 p.m. Thursday for the fire along Market Street in Port Carbon.

Heavy smoke filled the sky as firefighters worked to put out the blaze which appears to have spread to a neighboring home.

Firefighters say it was reported the flames started in one of the buildings which housed a bar and an apartment.

Encounters Tavern has a sign on it that it was closed for repairs.

Six people -- two children and four adults -- were displaced in this fire.

We spoke with a man who says he just moved out of the apartment above the bar.

"We didn't get all of our stuff out, but that's about it. All that's just stuff. Clothes, furniture, stuff like that. I'm alright. I'm not too bad. I mean it sucks. All of our stuff gone but everybody is OK though. It doesn't matter it's just stuff you can replace it," Gerald Hunsinger said.

Firefighters say it was difficult to control the flames at first as they waited for more firefighters to arrive on scene.

While no one who lives in these homes were hurt, Port Carbon firefighters say a firefighter did have to go to the hospital after hurting his ankle.

The cause of this fire is still under investigation.

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