Mail Theft Reported in Columbia County

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Authorities are investigating the theft of mail in Columbia County.

According to Bloomsburg police, a man's mail was found in a field near his house.

The mail theft was reported from a house on Catherine Street in Bloomsburg. police say the thief stole coins, scattered letters and dumped the homeowner's mailed medication in a field near his house.

Rachel Levengood says she's not surprised because she has had her mail stolen before.

"It can definitely happen anywhere," Levengood said. "A neighbor of mine stole my bank statement, right in the same building."

Police say the mail was found near some mattresses on a trail near the man's house.

Bloomsburg police tell Newswatch 16 that even though this is the first mail theft reported in the area, it could have been happening since December.

There were some other boxes found along the trail -- packages ordered around Christmas.

"It's very worrisome. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, but I'll definitely keep an eye out. I just got a security system," said Tina Poulson.

Poulson just moved from Pittsburgh and had all of her furniture shipped to Bloomsburg.

"My furniture, my bed, everything, my whole house. And it's all been delivered."

Bloomsburg police are still investigating the mail thefts and at this point do not have any suspects. If you have any information you are asked to call police.