Sign Swiped from Inn in the Poconos

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SAYLORSBURG, Pa. -- The owners of Stone Lake Inn near Saylorsburg say their iconic red sign was swiped from the property earlier this week.

"I backed the car up, got out of the car looked all around, looked in the garbage all around and couldn't find it anywhere," said Jacki Douglas, Stone Lake Inn.

Douglas runs the Inn with her husband Scott. She says they noticed the sign was in its place on Monday night, but by the next morning, it was gone.

"So, it was disheartening a little bit," said Douglas.

The owners say not only was the sign iconic, but it also has a sentimental value to the family.

"It was sentimental. Like I said before, it's from a fence from a house that we raised our kids in 20 years ago," said Douglas.

David Titus lives just down the road from the Inn and says you can normally see the sign from his yard. He thinks it's a shame people keep taking things that don't belong to them.

"It's nothing new around here really. We never had this years ago. You could live here years ago without locking your house, but now you can't go anywhere without locking everything up," said Titus.

As for the family, they ask whoever took the sign to bring it back, no questions asked.

"Just bring it back. We are forgiving people. Just bring it back and put it back," said Douglas.

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