Irate Driver Handcuffed after Pittston Crash

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PITTSTON, Pa. -- A crash in Luzerne County Wednesday morning ended with an arrest.

The driver of the vehicle was taken away in handcuffs after the crash on Johnson Street in Pittston.

The wreck happened just before 8:30 a.m.

Police say the driver, whose name has not yet been released, hit a utility pole. The vehicle ended up in some trees.

The crash knocked out power and crews need to repair low-hanging wires.

Pittston police tell Newswatch 16 the driver will be charged in the crash in Luzerne County.



    Just curious what exactly the driver is being charged with for the accident? Accidents are just that. Accidents. Was it an accident? Was the person driving recklessly or under the influence of something?
    If it was truly an accident then all drivers of accidents would need to be charged. And we should all be concerned about that.
    Being charged for disorderly conduct is definitely understandable.
    However, if the person hit their head, it could cause their actions and behavior to change. Even to the point of being disorderly.
    I just hope of the person is charged it is for an actual committed crime. And, not just cause a vehicle ACCIDENT occurred.
    Between this and the post I read of Pittston sending out seekers just to fine, condemn, demolish properties/owners gives me the feeling Pittston is really hard-up for money and will be going after anyone and everyone. Residents and any passers-by need are subjected to this communism.

    • BAM BAM

      I had a hard time typing this as the cursor on my touch phone screen kept bouncing around. So please. No criticism about any inserted words or letters that do not belong.

    • jimbrony

      You do realize that as an operator of a motor vehicle you are responsible to maintain control of said vehicle? And you can be cited for failure to do so. Accidents don’t just happen – they always have some underlying causes that are usually preventable. Driving too fast for conditions, impairments, negligence, distractions, poor maintenance – all preventable. Was the rock throwing incident with Sharon Budd an accident? How about hitting the water main the other day? Both were preventable – the first was criminal, the second – negligence.

  • jimbrony

    There’s one to take home to mom. Why were they bleeping out her saying ‘bless you’ to the people that helped her?

    • lickerblisters

      Usually street roamers never get themselves this far north while operating a vehicle. Frackville just lost a gem. They better stick with their puss filled blistered feet.

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