Corn Crop Looking Sweet

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When referring to sweet corn, the expression says, "knee high by the Fourth of July." A farmer in Lycoming County says it is well past that.

On this warm summer day, Yvonne Snook of Rose Valley knew exactly what her husband wanted for dinner, so she stopped by Snyder's Quality Sweet Corn near Montoursville.

"I can take it or leave it, but my husband loves it. We eat it about every other night," said Snook.

"I have a restaurant, so I'm buying it for the restaurant, so I'll be stopping here twice a week," Gloria Miele said.

Snyder's Quality Sweet Corn started selling on Sunday and the stand on Route 87 has been busy ever since.

"Corn sales have been good," said owner Scott Snyder. "We've got plenty of corn and plenty more to come."

Snyder says the corn stalks are much taller than the proverbial "knee high."

"We usually start somewhere between the 10th and 15th and we started on the 8th this year. The weather's been pretty good to us," said Snyder.

Snyder says the ideal weather for the sweet corn to grow is hot and humid.

"The last heat wave we had pushed the corn and made it so we could have it a little earlier than normal," Snyder added.

"I noticed the first I got it, the ears were smaller than usual, but the flavor is very good," said Miele.

Sweet corn season runs through September.

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