Sunbury Chief Tim Miller Resigns

SUNBURY, Pa. -- A city in Northumberland County is looking for a new police chief. Tim Miller resigned as Sunbury's chief Monday night.

Even though he won't be chief anymore, he will be on the city payroll until next spring.

According to Sunbury's solicitor, Chief Tim Miller had a non-disclosure contract in place signed by the chief and city officials. The solicitor would not give the specifics of Miller's medical condition or the contract, but Miller has been put on paid administrative leave until April 2019.

Tim Miller led the Sunbury Police Department as the city's chief for nearly two years. But at Monday night's city council meeting, it was announced Miller was stepping down.

Miller went on medical leave last week for undisclosed reasons and chose to resign instead of staying on medical leave.

Sunbury Solicitor Joel Wiest would not say why Miller resigned, only that the former chief had been suffering from hidden wounds for a long time.

"I think it's a shame. It just don't make sense to me. He was very good," Donna Bower said.

"It's pretty messed up that he is leaving Sunbury," Jessica White said.

"I'm surprised, then again, I'm not. This is what you call a third-class city, and it's hard to keep good people here," Roy Darrien said.

Tim Miller was instrumental in investigating the cold-case homicide of Barbara Miller. Sunbury's mayor tells Newswatch 16 people should not worry because that investigation is not going away.

Cpl. Travis Bremigan was put in charge of the Barbara Miller investigation several months ago. The mayor says the investigation will continue unaffected.

Cpl. Brad Hare was named Officer in Charge of the Sunbury Police Department. Hare stepped down as interim chief in 2015 after an internal investigation into the police department.

"Well, if he's the next person to do this job, he should succeed," Darrien said.

Some people in Sunbury think everyone should have a say in who the next police chief should be.

"I think they need to have a big meeting. Call it. Tell everyone about it, and make a vote," Darrien said.

Sunbury's mayor tells Newswatch 16 he has not yet started looking for a new police chief.

Former Chief Tim Miller did not return our phone call for comment but has told city officials that he is enrolled in barber school.


  • bat rastard

    “Hare stepped down as interim chief in 2015 after an internal investigation into the police department.”

    Not really, he destroyed evidence in a case with a K-9 officer having an affair while on duty. Hare then lied to investigators.

    Why is he back as acting chief?
    Because that is how it’s done in Sunbury.

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