Speed Training Heating Up This Summer In Columbia County

It's another morning workout at Bloomsburg University for the Vapor trail 247 program based out of Columbia County. Speed and core training for specific sports is their main objective. Lineman Blake Zalar and wide out Max Madden have bought in and are seeing positive results.

"Speed is everything especially interior pulling guard you get out and take on a guy at the second level. The feet are the most important part, but the upper body is one thing, but if you don't have any feet you are just going to get drilled right back into the play," said Blake Zalar.

"Open hands..opposite arm...opposite hand..work on your form," said Max.

Freshman quarterback Danny Shoch from Selinsgrove is a 2 year member. Shoch just returned from the Elite 11 quarterback summit in San Clemente, California under the instruction of former NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer. Shoch is working the body and mind.

"It was a really good experience out there. Probably the best camp that I've been too so far this year. I'm looking forward to go back. He talked about a lot of the classroom stuff and being a quarterback on and off the field," said Danny.

Right now in the off-season all these kids are friends. Come the regular season Selinsgrove will play Berwick...Shamokin will play the Seals and these kids will go at it on the gridiron.

"It's really good to have because if you have to break one of those you can. If you have to make a quick move and do some footwork and stutter down and do a certain thing you can do that always," said Josh.

"It's great to work. It keeps me with good balance..route running...hand...hand moves..flipping my hips around corners trying to get that sack," said Mason.

Tom Hughes has trained 4 time state 100 meter champion Jahvel Hemphill, St. Louis Cardinals draft pick Nick Dunn, along with state jumping champions Lauren Ball and Britni Phillips. Many of these football players will be making headlines this fall. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Columbia County.

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