Illegal Dumping Shutting Down Recycling Site in Monroe County

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- TV screens, soccer balls, and bags of garbage can be seen littering the Middle Smithfield Township recycling site near Marshalls Creek.

None of those objects belong there.

The illegal dumping has forced the Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority to make the tough decision to shut down the recycling site.

"It's going to be very inconvenient. It's too bad that people have taken advantage by dumping stuff and ruined it for the rest of us," said Deborah Ballinger, Middle Smithfield Township.

The recycling site will close in the next 30 days.

Waste Management Authority officials say contamination and illegal dumping is impacting the ability to market recyclables.

Residents say it's a shame people can't respect a service that does so much good.

"It means a lot. When I was a kid, everything you had went in the garbage can. At least now they are finding ways to reuse it," said Joe Roache, Middle Smithfield Township.

People who use this recycling site responsibly say it's sad to see all of the illegal dumping that's happening here, and while they are upset to hear it will be closing, they are not surprised.

"It's too bad, but I've seen it coming, too much mess around," said Johalles Seifert, Bushkill.

"We kind of figured it was because people started dumping all over the place, but it's bad for the people who don't do that though," said Dennis Basille, Middle Smithfield Township.

Residents will have to use one of the three recycling sites throughout Monroe County that are gated and supervised.

For those locations, click here.


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